Windows Reseller VPS


A medium to large reseller company requiring a dedicated Windows hosting environment with full administrative access and guaranteed resource availability for your hosting clients    Your hosting Windows ASP.NET, .NET and Core websites. You may also need to host WordPress and other PHP sites    You need to grow rapidly

A VPS server means your applications will be hosted on a DEDICATED virtual private server with its own public IP address, CPU, memory and storage, all dedicated to your environment. Benefits include scalability, speed and control.


Win 2012 R2

30-Day money back
Includes all standard features
80 GB

2 vCPU
3 Gb RAM

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Daily backups

    Windows 2019

    30-Day money back
    Includes all standard features
    200 GB

    4 vCPU
    6 Gb RAM

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Daily backups

    Windows 2019

    30-Day money back
    Includes all standard features
    300 GB

    6 vCPU
    8 GB RAM

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Daily backups

    Windows 2019

    30-Day money back
    Includes all standard features
    400 GB

    8 vCPU
    12 GB RAM

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Daily backups

    Windows 2019

    30-Day money back
    Includes all standard features
    600 GB

    10 vCPU
    16 GB RAM

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Daily backups

    Windows 2019

    30-Day money back
    Includes all standard features
    1 TB

    16 vCPU
    32 GB RAM

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Daily backups
  • all our packages include these standard features
    Secure your site with Let’s Encrypt SSL for free
    You get a 30-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
    Super-fast shared Linux hosting with SSD storage and raid caching

    Free domain*

    Unlimited Traffic

    Daily backups


    Managed VPS Solution

    Super Fast SSD storage

    30-day money back guarantee

    24/7 Emergency Support

    .NET / .NET CORE

    Spam & Virus Protection

    Easy and simple sign up

    Free Professional support

    24/7 Monitoring


    Serious-ly Cool Features

    Operating system and panel Software
    Server technology

    Web App Gallery

    Windows Server 2019

    SolidCP 1.4x


    phpMyAdmin (5.1)

    PHP 5.6, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.3, PHP 7.4

    MariaDB (10.4)

    Failover Networking

    Raid SSD

    99.99% uptime

    Dell Enterprise


    Unlimited traffic.


    Windows server


    MailEnable (10.3)

    POP/IMAP + Contacts







    Backup daily

    Restore via DA

    Backup NAS

    24/7 support


    DNS management

    PHP configuration

    Brute Attack protection

    24/7 monitoring

    Dedicated firewalls

    Why our clients love serious hosting

    Why our clients love serious hosting

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    frequently asked questions
    What is a VPS

    A VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and all it really is, is a complete Linux/Windows Operating System with its own RAM, CPU and disk space. Basically, a complete server, but not a physical thing. Think of a very big physical server that is divided into smaller sections. (Each represented as a VPS)

    What is a hypervisor?

    A hypervisor in this context represents the container or owner of the VPS instances. Basically, the software / hardware combination that manages the virtual private servers.

    What's Hyper-V?

    Hyper-V is the name given by Microsoft that represents their Server Virtualization technology. It is the encapsulation of virtualization product.

    What is WHMCS?

    WHMCS is a commercially licensed, automated web-hosting, domain management and billing system used for provisioning hosting and registering domains.

    Please explain dedicated hosting on a VPS

    VPS hosting is when you have your own dedicated hosting environment. You do not share you space or resources with anyone else and have full control over your all aspects of your server space. You have unlimited growth potential with blistering speed!

    Do you manage the VPS?

    Yes, the VPS and related shared hardware and software is all managed by us 24/7. You have full control and do not have to make use of any of our managed services.

    How do you deal with Hosting Panel Software in my VPS?

    Firstly, we recommend SolidCP. You may select either SolidCP or Plesk for your installation.
    We provide the SoldCP version (this allows one unlimited usage). Plesk need to be licensed by yourself, and provided to us for installation.

    Can I upgrade and downgrade my VM?

    You may upgrade your VM and reclaim the additional resources in the VPS hosting panel.
    Downgrade are more complex, since your current VPS hard drive disk may exceed the size limit of smaller packages. Please contact us for this.

    What do YOU backup?

    We backup all client hosting spaces in the hosting panel.
    We also backup the full server weekly.
    The above is to restore data from an administrative level. Given that you are the administrator, you are able to restore the daily data yourself.

    You do daily backups of all data. How do I restore this?
    You are able to backup and restore your own data in the DA panel. If you need data to be restored from an administrative level you will need to log a call for us to restore your data.
    What are your payment options for Resellers?
    We offer a pre-paid / top-up account for our resellers. Your reseller account should have a minimum balance to process certain services, such as domain renewals and registrations. Reseller clients can choose between EFT or card payments.
    Can a reseller upgrade their hosting as they grow?
    Yes, you can upgrade your disk space, free of charge anytime.
    How do resellers register domains?
    Domains are registered through Red Cactus Software as we are a registrar. You do not require any additional services to register domains. Any domains registered will be deducted from your top-up account.
    Can a reseller suspend client accounts?
    Yes, the billing system allows for resellers to temporarily suspend client accounts until payment is received.
    Will clients have their own login credentials?
    Yes, the idea of reselling is to allow clients to manage their own services. They will be able to make online payments via their account, register domains and upgrade/downgrade their hosting to name a few examples.
    Do you offer support for reseller clients?
    We offer paid support for Reseller clients. Resellers can then focus on growing their business, while our “white-label” support team takes care of client queries. Resellers can either choose to opt-in for our support or make use of our support credit system for ad-hoc requests, should you prefer to offer your clients support.
    What software is pre-loaded?

    We pre-load the Windows Operating System that you need. We also install the preferred Panel Software. Currently limited to SolidCP and Plesk.

    What Windows Versions are supported?

    Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2019.

    Do I get full control of the hosting?

    You do get full control. You may set your own limits withing your reseller hosting space and operating system.

    What is a “white-label” billing system?
    Our invoicing, billing, hosting and domains provisioning system allows for seamless automation of your client’s services and the best part is that they will only see your company details on all communication. The Billing system will also only reflect your company logo.
    What billing system options do you offer?

    For Linux we recommend WHMCS for all panels. The licensing for this software is for your account.

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